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Athletic Director – Dara Johnson dara.johnson@fresnounified.org
Asst. Athletic Director – Ashley Chavira ashley.chavira@fresnounified.org

Asst. Athletic Director – Josh Oliver joshua.oliver@fresnounified.org

Athletic Trainer – Cheyenne Raymond cheyenne.raymond@fresnounified.org

Vice Principal/Athletics – Dan Bordona dan.bordona@fresnounified.org
NCAA Counselor – Katelin Sievers@fresnounified.org

Athletic Paperwork

All athletic paperwork is done on FamilyID​.  You only need to register one time for each student, and update annually.  Physicals must be done each year and be dated on or after May 1 prior to the upcoming school year.

Register Now for FamilyID

Athletic Eligibility

Please see the Athletic Eligibility link for complete information.   Basically, athletes must have a 2.0 GPA at each quarter, taking at least 5 classes and passing 4.  2.0 is the minimum, we recommend 2.5 or higher, push to do better.

Sports Offered

Hoover offers interscholastic athletics in 29 programs!  There are 3 seasons of sport, Fall, Winter and Spring.  There is an overlap between each season, but it does not prevent students from participating in 2 or more sports throughout the year.

  • Fall – Football (V,JV,F), Girls Volleyball (V,JV,F), Boys & Girls Cross Country (V & JV), Girls Tennis (V & JV), Girls Golf (V), Boys & Girls Water Polo (V & JV), Co-Ed Unified Soccer (V) and Sideline Pep and Cheer
  • Winter – Boys & Girls Basketball (V,JV,F), Boys & Girls Soccer (V,JV,F), Wrestling (V & JV), and Sideline Pep and Cheer
  • Spring – Baseball (V,JV,F), Softball (V,JV,F), Boys & Girls Track & Field (V & JV), Boys Golf (V & JV), Boys Tennis (V & JV), Girls Lacrosse (V), Boys Volleyball (V,JV,F), Boys and Girls Swimming & Diving (V & JV), Girls Badminton (V & JV), Girls Competitive Sport Cheer (V), Co-Ed Unified Basketball (V) and Co-Ed Unified Track & Field.
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