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Hoover High School Counseling

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Who is my counselor?

Students are assigned to a counselor by using their legal last name.  If you have two last names, you will use the first of the two last names to determine whose caseload you are on.  Please refer to the list below to identify who your counselor will be:

Last Name Counselor Email Address
A-Con Greg Boden
Coo-G Nathan Chongtoua
H-Map Donna Her
Maq-Ph Isaac Reyna
Pi-So Russell Goolsby
Sp-Z Katelin Sievers
Projects Amy Gonzalez
Head Counselor Laurie Miskulin

Incoming Freshmen Parent Night

How do I make an appointment with my Counselor?

Click here to request a meeting!

For students- be sure to check your email after submitting a request. Counselors will respond via email or call you out of class.

Bulldog Bound

Students in Fresno Unified can benefit from early exposure to Fresno State and even be granted automatic admissions! Students must complete all A-G coursework and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

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High School Graduation Requirements


Students must complete 230 credits in the identified subject areas. Students receive credits by earning a D or better in classes.

*Class of 2027 will be required to complete 10 credits of Ethnic Studies and only 60 credits of electives*

A-G Requirements (Four-Year Universities)


Students must earn a grade of C or better in A-G courses to remain eligible for four-year colleges. GPA requirements vary by college, but the California State University (CSU) system typically requires a 2.0 while the University of California (UC) system typically requires a 3.5.

School Profile


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Work Permit Procedures

In order to qualify for a work permit, students must have a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA and at least a 90% attendance rate. All sections of the work permit must be filled out (parent/guardian, student, workplace) prior to returning the forms to your Counselor. Click this link to access Fresno Unified’s work permit application: